Unlike any other wallet I’ve tested, the Pyro Wallet, also known as the Fire Wallet, is revolutionary. I’m sure I’ve said as much in previous writings, but in all honesty, I now doubt it. Unlike other wallets, the Pyro wallet was explicitly designed for use in the practice of magic.

Now, I don’t have any extensive background in magic. Almost ten years have passed since I last dabbled in magic, but I learned several basic card tricks and flourishes to an acceptable level. My fingers don’t want to cooperate as much as they used to, so now I only collect playing cards as a pastime.

The Functioning of a Pyro Wallet

The Pyro Wallet team has done an excellent job designing a tiny internal mechanism that doesn’t seem out of place in a wallet and doesn’t give away the fact that it can fire a dollar bill or business card at will.

The ‘Arc Spark,’ as Pyro Wallet calls it, is required for use. These metal prods, which protrude a smidgen from one of the card slots in the wallet, are the perfect instrument for striking the match that will ignite the paper and paper towel mixture and set fire to it.

The original Pyro Wallet was bulky and cumbersome. Still, this new ignition coil keeps the wallet at a more manageable size and shape, making it seem more like a conventional wallet.

Style And Design

The wallet isn’t precisely sturdy or aesthetically pleasing. Without diminishing the magic trick itself, an objective evaluation of the wallet reveals that it is not very well-made or aesthetically pleasing.

The Pyro Wallet is constructed from faux leather, considered a low-grade material by true leather experts. Whatever finish the wallet has gives it a pretty unpleasant sheen that, in my opinion, makes it appear cheap and ugly. The leather’s edges aren’t straight, and part of the stitching is uneven and sloppy.

Usefulness And Efficiency

This wallet was designed for magic tricks, but it might serve you just as well as your everyday carry if you don’t plan on using it for anything else. Because of this, we’ll now examine the features and storage capabilities of the Pyro Wallet and how convenient it is to use daily.

Practically all of this wallet’s features are geared at facilitating the performance of magic sleights. Business cards are kept in a separate massive section on the left. With this capacity, you can keep 25 business cards on hand before needing to reorder.

What Kind of Fire Wallet Best Suits You?

When you remove a ten-pound note, business card, or playing card from your wallet, imagine that vast flames burst forth from your wallet. When you put your wallet back in your pocket, the fire goes out, and there’s nothing there when you open it again.

In its current form, the wallet is indistinguishable from any other. Okay, how about that? If so, you might want to add a fire wallet to your collection of magical items. Many different wallets are available, and they all have separate price tags and quality levels.


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