In the past, Huawei has been known for producing high-quality laptops. High screen-to-body ratios and excellent keyboards have long been hallmarks of the Mate Book X. It was the first laptop to include Dolby Atmos audio. In addition to being one of the first laptops to launch with Windows 11, the Huawei MateBook 14s has several other characteristics that are becoming increasingly common among laptops of the newest generation. It supports a 90Hz display, making for a smoother experience than other laptops on the market, which have 60Hz panels. Even though it has no dedicated graphics card, the Tiger Lake H35 CPUs from Intel are strong enough for productivity (we’ll discuss this later).


The most noticeable distinction is the switch from the petal logo to the text Huawei logo imprinted on the hood of all of them. The basic hue is called Space Gray, and aluminum is used in most. I’m envious that it’s available in Spruce Green. Gray and silver are obvious choices for computers, just like black is a common color choice for smartphones. Things that stick out to me as a reviewer who utilizes a wide range of gadgets are interesting to me.


To allow gamers an extra millisecond to respond, faster refresh rates have traditionally been used in the PC market. While fast refresh rates aren’t new to smartphones, we’ve seen them improve user experience in recent years. Now that they’re becoming more commonplace in the PC industry, we’re witnessing a rise in popularity. The Huawei MateBook 14s has a 14-inch touchscreen with a 2,520 x 1,680 (3:2) resolution, giving it a 3:2 aspect ratio. It also has a 90 percent screen-to-body ratio, making it the highest 3:2 screen-to-body ratio device currently available in the market. There is a good chance this is. A webcam is embedded in the top bezel, making it more immersive.


The huawei laptop includes a Chiclet-style keyboard with 1.5mm-thick keys, a typical depth for a laptop. When Huawei began manufacturing Windows laptops in 2016, they used this as their standard. In the end, the keyboard is comfortable to use and accurate. It’s a bummer that there’s no US-style version anymore, but you can always switch it to the US in Settings. The power button on the right-hand side serves as a fingerprint sensor, making it easy to unlock the phone. As a result, I don’t mind the lack of an IR camera at all.


This Huawei MateBook 14s is fantastic. I’m a big fan of the 90Hz monitor and 35W Intel processor that came with it. There are many other things to consider before we even get to the Huawei ecosystem. Of course, it isn’t faultless. To have Intel Evo, you’ll need to buy the most expensive option; even then, just one of the two USB Type-C ports includes Thunderbolt 4. This disappoints me. I’m expecting more from Thunderbolt, given how widespread it has become. The 720p webcam is also a disappointment. Consider a laptop with a 1080p camera if you plan on working from home.


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