Deciding on the appropriate material is always hassles regarding softball shorts because the material determines the short’s permanency, worth, and ease. However, the stuff of the shorts can vary based on the season and the temperature of your requirements.

So, it’s better to explore all the possible options you can try in the upcoming season. This article will discuss the primary materials available in men’s shorts, their features, and in which circumstances you should pick a particular material.

So, make sure to read the article below!

Standard Fabrics in Men’s Shorts


Cotton is a standard fabric that is not only comfortable but also affordable, and breathable material is recommended for summer and winter. The pure cotton or seersucker shorts are the best and softest than any other fabric.

The primary reason for choosing cotton in summer is its breathability, while in winter is its ability to dry and clean easily. However, for winter, you can also explore other materials that will keep you warmer than cotton.


Polyester is a manmade fabric, which means it’s made from artificial fibers. These fabrics are durable and can be washed easily but are quick to dry. This makes polyester perfect for mens softball shorts, where you might want your shorts to dry quickly after washing them to avoid the risk of stains on your pants or shoes.

Polyester is usually compared with cotton as both deliver similar benefits. However, the significant variance amid both is that pure cotton shorts are expensive and more comfortable than polyester, but polyester is a heat-resistant and affordable fabric.


This is also an artificial material that is widely used in making men’s undergarments, casualwear, T-shirts, etc. Spandex is famous for its elastic nature, which keeps this fabric cool and makes the shorts long-lasting. Spandex shorts are relatively more expensive than polyester.


Nylon is a synthetic fabric that is highly durable and has a smooth consistency. It’s often used in men’s shorts because it’s lightweight, dries quickly, and doesn’t absorb moisture. However, nylon shorts are not the most breathable option for softball players who need to stay cool on those hot days at the ballpark.

How to Choose the Right Material?

All the options mentioned above are the best, which makes it more challenging to decide which fabric should be your next choice. So, here are some tips to make your decision easier!

  • The stretchable fabric is the best option as it fits well.
  • Ensure that the fabric will not be shrinkable for frequent washing, like many wool garments.
  • The fabric should also be color-resistant and not lose its color, as many low-quality kinds of cotton do.
  • The fabric should also be heat resistant to keep you comfortable on a hot day.


Regardless of the available material, the choice will always be yours. So, when buying shorts, pick the material you have already tried or the one you are not allergic to. Hopefully, this guide will help you find the best shorts.

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