An IoT programmable gateway serves as a bridge between the internet and IoT devices. Choosing the best IoT programmable can be daunting if you have never tried it. If you select the wrong gateway, it can impact your operations, which is not what you want. Some of the best companies, like Dusun, will offer you an ideal IoT for your project without spending far beyond your budget. However, the first step in your buying process should be choosing the right IoT programmable gateway product. This article comprises a simple guide on selecting the right gateway for you.

A guide to choosing an IoT programmable gateway product

You should apply careful consideration when selecting a suitable IoT programmable gateway. Many people experience challenges because they do not know what to consider most to avoid making a wrong choice. Worry no more because each section of this article will make the buying journey exciting and rewarding. Here are some factors you can look into:

Determining your end goal

Do you want to connect your devices to each other, to the cloud, enhance security, or filter data? One of the essential steps you need to undertake when choosing a gateway is determining the purpose it will serve. A company’s IoT device will integrate several kinds of sensors depending on the type of data the buyer wants to collect through the sensors. Thus, you should establish your primary objective and then use it to guide you on the features you want to incorporate.

Storage capacity

IoT gateway products collect data from several machines, sensors, and devices. It will require space to store all the data. If internet connectivity is a significant concern, storing data on the cloud may not be ideal. The best thing would be to use local storage. Thus, when choosing an IoT programmable gateway, consider one with suitable storage space. A convenient space can expand as the need arises.

Processing abilities

The processing specifications of your gateway should matter significantly. It includes the RAM, internal memory, and processing speed. The gateway processing features are essential in determining whether you can achieve your lower or higher processing needs.

Type of radio technology

There are four main types of radio technologies. They include high-speed cellular, local-are non-cellular, wide area non-cellular, and IoT-focused cellular. The radio technology you pick can influence your data throughput, power consumption, price, and speed. For example, high-speed cellular consists of 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G cellular technologies. The gateway type is a little costly compared to other radio technologies. However, it is very fast. Thus, when choosing a gateway, consider whether you prioritize speed, price, or power consumption.

Security strength

Cybercrime is currently prevalent in this modern age. It means that you should prioritize security. When choosing the right IoT programmable for you, consider the security features of the gateway for data protection.


IoT programmable gateway products are essential in IoT application implementation. An incorrect gateway can impact the scalability or deployment of your project. Thus, you should consider carefully before choosing the IoT programmable gateway device ideal for you.


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