MT is the main virtual currency in the NBA 2K22. Gamers get the coins from websites like igvault and others. The coins allow you to replace weak players and form a strong team for competition purposes. In the NBA game, you need a stable lineup to win. If you begin with strong players, farm more coins to level up the current ones. Also, new players can source for coins to kickstart their gaming journey. This article explains tips to farm for MT coins.

Ways to get MT coins

We have several methods of getting coins for the NBA game. They are;

1. Auction house

It’s one of the best places for coin farming. The auction house behaves more or less like trading. You get to put up your unwanted players for sale, and other people buy at the requested price. Alternatively, you can buy player cards at a cheaper price and sell them at a much higher cost. Depending on the season, the selling price may be double or slightly higher than the initial cost. The auction house has many game products. Choose some of them and buy, then flip later at a profit. Doing this severally helps you get enough coins for the game.

2. Participating in MT coins challenges

These challenges are set up specifically to earn MT coins. Some challenges last for a day, others a week, a month, and a lifetime. Each challenge has participation rules based on your level. Daily challenges are significant as they give you money and help improve your gaming skills. Taking part in them daily leads to you forming a great team of your own. These challenges act as bonuses since you get coins from your game modes and make extra in them.

3. Buying the MT coins from sellers

Some sellers have excess coins that they want to dispose of. Most are located in coin selling or buying platforms, selling at a lower value. You can find others at the auction house, where they take cards in exchange for coins. Only buy coins from people you trust and ensure you get value for your money.

4. Using your strengths to make coins

Advanced players can use this tip better than new players. This is because they have participated in the game long enough to know where they perform best. As a beginner, it’s essential to find your strengths to make more coins. Do this by playing multiple matches, and in each game, pick a position to play and maintain it till the end. Start with the main and powerful positions and watch how you play them. Keep playing them until you find where you fit. After finding your stronghold, outplay all stock lineups by optimizing the MY TEAM. The process may take some time but, you’ll start making money from your strong acts.


Apart from the tips above, you can use domination to get coins. Domination gives you coins and experience to try more challenging games. The game with the greatest difficulty gives the most rewards after completion. These coins are necessary for every NBA player. What’s good is you can get them through numerous channels other than buying.


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