Prototyping is a crucial step in the product development process. Depending on the type of prototype you need, the best rapid prototyping manufacturer offers services that will suit your needs. Accepting applications from different industries- around eight of them, ARES PROTOTYPE manufacturers offer about nine all-encompassing prototyping services of high quality. The company is equipped with modern machines that accurately facilitate the manufacturing of quality prototypes.

In this article, let us explore the dynamics around prototype manufacturing, the services offered by the best prototype manufacturer, how to get the best prototype for your products, and other insights you deserve to know.

Why ARES Prototypes

ARES PROTOTYPE is an award-winning rapid prototyping manufacturer that has been functional for almost a decade. It has received the highest rating from professional organizations including; SGS, GMC, and ISO. This rating is reflected in the positive comments and testimonials from customers around the globe, as per the numerous deliveries made.

The rapid prototyping manufacturer has embraced technology and conforms to it. The company has imported some modern machines from the best machine suppliers around the world including Germany, and the USA. This adoption of technology together with the team of technical professionals is the idea behind the manufacturing of quality prototypes for its clients.

Prototyping Services Offered by the Best Manufacturer

There are several prototyping services offered by the manufacturer that may benefit you. Firstly, ARES PROTOTYPE manufacturers receive applications from clients from different industries. The industries include;

  • Automotive
  • Robotics & Auto
  • Product Development
  • Consumer Products
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Aerospace & UAV
  • Communications

Almost all inventions revolve around these industries. With the sophisticated equipment available, customers in the above industries get their quality prototypes quickly and steadfastly. The array of prototyping services offered to customers in the above industries includes; CNC Machining, which is a fast and highly accurate prototyping method, it is also very adaptable as it works with all types of materials (plastic and metals). This type of prototyping is good for you if you need high mechanical parts that are fully functional.

Vacuum Casting is another prototyping service. In this method, silicon rubber is molded from a plastic master pattern which is usually 3D printed. It is good at producing plastic parts prototypes that look and function almost like the production quality.  3D printing is another service that has been offered online by the manufacturer for a decade now, SLA and SLS rapid prototyping enables ARES to manufacture quality prototypes every time.  Other prototyping services include; Clay car modeling, Customized Automobile Sheet metals, Rapid Tooling, plastic injection molding, and many more.


ARES PROTOTYPE is an accredited prototype manufacturing company with higher ratings from different professional organizations. For decades, it has made prototype deliveries around the world. Their sophisticated machines and professional staff together with their adoption of modern technology, have made them produce quality prototypes every time.  As the rapid prototyping manufacturer receives applications from different industries, they also deliver a wide range of services depending on your needs. Accessing the is super easy as they are just a phone call away.


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